Google Extension Slow Responsiveness

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Eleanor Crabtree

The extension window is very "stiff" and slow to respond when dragging and resizing.
It reacts late after moving the mouse. So the window moves in delay to the mouse move. The window thinks that the mouse is still clicked many times so it keeps dragging even after I release the mouse click.
It's also impossible (or almost impossible maybe) to drag and resize when the window is loading. and the window often loads for a long time (30 seconds).
Once, the window was locked to the top left of my screen and the top third of it was hidden a and I couldn't move it. so it became useless. Only after the help of support, I was able to fix it (clearing cache, uninstalling, and such).
It really requires a lot of improvement in my opinion. It is way below market standard in that respect.
I also have a competitor's extension and over there it is much smoother and the way you normally expect a window to respond.


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Viral Launch

We have done significant work on improving the performance and responsiveness of the extension. We hope these improvements improve the usability. We will continue to invest more time in improving it over the coming months.