Product Discovery vs Market Intelligence DATA DO NOT LINE UP

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Joe Jaison

Here is my issue:

  1. Go into Product Discovery Keyword section
  2. Enter your desired fields.Whatever fields/information you plug in doesn't matter.
  3. Click "Show Keywords".
  4. Click on any product and view in "Market Intelligence"
  5. Compare Data

Issue: The data clearly doesn't match up. (view attachments)

Ex) Keyword: Baby Yoda Doll

We are going from Average Review count of 19.8 on Product Discovery to first page average of 548 reviews...bruh what. Search volume, sales, product idea score, everything is different.

So here is my issue. You have the right data but choose not to show it because it's prob too expensive to do these calls to these massive data sets every day. I know your probably doing it every 30 days or so but honestly, this is such a bad customer experience. I honestly had no idea what was going on until I started seeing this for every single product. Think about this, I'm trying to find a "winning product" and I'm excited and all of a sudden I see the real data and I'm like excuse me...what is this. Try to see this from the customer side.

One thing I am confused about is that you're already making a call to the "correct" data with every market intelligence call. Why not try to mitigate the issue and update the cached data when a user calls the market intelligence function? Has this already been thought of and it's just much cheaper to update every 30 days? I'm not sure. What does Helium 10 and Jungle Scout do? Is there any plans on fixing this at all because I'm assuming that you already know about this issue.

Thanks for your help.


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Viral Launch

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Viral Launch

Hey everyone, we apologize for the late reply on this issue. We wanted to investigate it thoroughly and evaluate our options before responding.

We have designed a solution that should keep the data in sync going forward. If you do a search in Market Intelligence, data will now be updated in the other tools. This update generally happens very fast however can take up to a couple minutes. If you find yourself coming across this issue again please reach out to our support team so that we can get it over to our engineering department. Consistency and accuracy in our data is something we very much strive for!


J Miller

Yes, I agree. There needs to be a lot more consistency with the data. This problem really makes people confused, frustrated, and question the accuracy of all the data. From a customer standpoint it's a big deal and causes us to wonder if there's a better solution in the market.